Professor Alex Rodriguez Appointed to Faculty Athletic Representative Role

Professor Alex Rodriguez Appointed to Faculty Athletic Representative Role

BROOKLINE, Mass. – Newbury College announced the appointment of Alex Rodriguez, B.A., M.B.A., as Faculty Athletics Representative, effective immediately.

Rodriguez steps into the Faculty Athletics Representative role following two years of involvement with Newbury College as a professor at Newbury's Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hotel Management.

According to the NCAA, "[Faculty Athletics Representatives] are in place to promote academic integrity in intercollegiate athletics, to facilitate the integration of the athletics and academic components of the collegiate community, and to promote institutional control of athletics on campuses."

Working with and for students has always been in Rodriguez's background since joining Newbury in 2015.

"Newbury's students come from every walk of life imaginable, and each comes to class as a true 'blank canvas' with an eagerness to learn and apply," said Rodriguez. "Watching my students have that 'Aha!' moment when they understand what I'm teaching is truly satisfying. They get to a point where they speak the universal language of commerce about which I am extremely passionate." 

Among the responsibilities Rodriguez will undertake include, ensuring all student-athletes meet all NCAA requirements for practice, financial aid, and competition, reporting on the development and performance of all student-athletes, and responsibilities for institutional compliance within non-athletic, campus activities.

"Professor Rodriguez is an excellent faculty member and is deeply dedicated to the success of our students," said President of Newbury College Joseph Chillo. "Having a faculty voice in student athletics is critically important and one that demonstrates the strongest commitment to academics." 

Rodriguez is also responsible for meetings with the Student-Athletics Advisory Committee and will report on the student-athlete experience to President Chillo and Director of Athletics Jonathan Harper, among others.

"I look forward to working with Alex as our Faculty Athletics Representative.  He brings a great deal of energy and compassion for all students in the classroom as a well-respected member of the Newbury Faculty," said Harper. "Our student-athletes are excited to utilize Alex's talents as another advocate for their well-being on campus."